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Mr. Nicholas Jefferson, Counselor

School Counselor, Site Testing Coordinator
Barron Elementary School    ph: 848-2284

Welcome to Barron Fundamental Elementary School.  It is my true delight to serve

as the School Counselor at such a wonderful school.  I am committed to supporting

all students in their learning by promoting academic, career, and

personal/social growth.  I know that a great school counseling program requires

teamwork.   I am here to partner with parents, teachers, administrators and the

entire Barron family to ensure that your child reaches his or her full potential as an

elementary student. 



www.kidshealth.org  *keywords: 10 Ways To Help Your Child Succeed in Elementary School

Interactive quiz: Fixed vs. Growth Mindset: http://www.londonacademyofit.co.uk/learning-blog/learning/interactive-quiz-fixed-vs-growth-mindset/