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Mary Gore - Music Teacher

This is from Mrs. Gore! MusicplayOnline | Online Resources for Elementary Music Teachers has opened various areas of their curriculum to our students. This is one of the curriculum sources used in the classroom so students are familiar with it. The student logon is Hamptonstudent and the password is Hampton2016. Students can utilize the songs, solfege singing, rhythm practice and units. The 3-5 grades can access recorder and practice some of the songs we have been learning. Click the following links for a fun lesson from Mrs. Gore.

The Music in Me K-2

Note Reading - 3-5

Darlene Jones - Physical Education Teacher

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Ninette Santarone - Art Teacher

Don't forget that Art Hub for Kids is a great website you can access from home. We often use these drawing videos on Wednesdays in the art room. Here's the website: . If you don't have access to the internet remind remember that the great thing about being an artist is that art can be made from ANYTHING! Example: you can draw on the back of junk mail, can cut and glue old tissue boxes together, etc. This is your chance to be creative! :) Miss you all!

Jahsan Holman - Teacher Librarian

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