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Cold Vs. Flu

Dear Barron Village,

I'm very excited to be working at Barron and being apart of this wonderful village. My goal this year is to once a month share a little information on a health topic that I hope you will find useful as well as informative.

The first health topic is Colds Verses Flu. The cold and flu season has arrived and I have attached a handout that charts the difference of the two. Please remind your students to do good handwashing, cover their cough and throw away tissues.

Also, Sometimes you may mistake cold symptoms for allergic rhinitis (hay fever) or a sinus infection. If cold symptoms begin quickly and are improving after a week, then it is usually a cold, not allergy. If your cold symptoms do not seem to be getting better after a week, check with your doctor to see if you have developed an allergy or sinusitis. (

Let's all work together to keep our village healthy.

Linda Lawrence RN, BSN

Barron Elementary School Nurse

Please use the following guidelines when bringing food to school for celebrations.