PTA Information

PTA Board:

Whitney Rosario-President

Krystiana Washington- Treasurer

Jessica deTiere- Secretary & Hospitality

Tamarra Williams: Membership

Kelli Baylor & Hannah Hooker

TBA - Teacher Representative

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Membership= $5.00 per family

Membership Goal= 110%

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What is the Barron PTA and What Do We Do?

PTA stands for “Parent Teacher Association” and is headed by an elected Executive Board made up of parents just like you. Your PTA helps parents and teachers communicate with each other about children’s school lives. Your PTA also plans and pays for many events and programs.

Here are some examples of what your PTA will support this year:

  • Reflections Cultural Arts Contest – students can enter and win in 6 ways: Dance/Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography, and Visual Arts. This year’s theme is “The Magic of the Moment”.

  • Family events such as Back to School Night, Mad Scientist night, The Holiday Shop, Barron’s Got Talent show, Valentine Day Dance, and the Spring Carnival.

We challenge you to get involved, support your Barron PTA, and make this the BEST year ever for all of our children! Together we can be one of the most successful PTAs in Hampton.

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • Become a member of the PTA - $5.00 Membership Fee, everyone can join – parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, relatives, and friends!

  • Volunteer your time

  • Support the Fall Fundraiser

  • Provide your feedback and suggestions. We have a PTA mailbox set up in the office.

Whitney Rosario

of Barron Fundamental Elementary School is named

Virginia PTA Elementary Volunteer of the Year!

Whitney Rosario, parent of a fourth grader and kindergartener, and PTA president at Barron Fundamental Elementary School, has been named the Virginia PTA Elementary Volunteer of the Year. She was selected from a pool of 10 nominees.

Rosario was recognized by Virginia PTA president Pamela Croom at the August 4, 2021, School Board meeting. Croom said Rosario was nominated on the local level and was selected on the Peninsula District level before moving on to state.

“It is not about the volunteer hours, but the mission and values of Virginia PTA,” said Croom. “She really treasures and values that mission at Barron Elementary.”

“Ms. Rosario is truly a blessing at the Barron Village,” said Barron principal Karen Johnson. “Although humble, Ms. Rosario continues to leave her mark at Barron through her time and her talents. She begins each new activity with the focus of supporting the school and bringing forth activities that are fun and engaging for all students. She truly embodies the ‘Barron Village Mentality’ for she is highly collaborative and involves a variety of people from the community, businesses, teachers, parents and students. I am in awe of this remarkable woman.”